Directed by Dr. Jayita Sarkar

    Hosted at Boston University

    May 2020-May 2022

  • About


    The Global Decolonization Initiative promotes the study of decolonisation as an ongoing social, cultural, political, and intellectual process to understand in specific ways how colonialism and empire have shaped our contemporary economic and social worlds. As a research-oriented initiative, we are multidisciplinary, focusing on the academic study of decolonisation as a complex global historical process.


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  • Research Projects


    We hosted two undergraduate-driven, faculty-guided research projects— Connected Partitions and Nuclear Sites— that developed in-depth qualitative case studies to facilitate research and teaching. In the fall of 2021, the students of HUB CC 284 created ArcGIS StoryMaps to visually represent their case studies. Two examples are below:


    StoryMaps #1, Political Economy of Radiation



    StoryMaps #2, Radioactive France




    Connected Partitions

    Territorial divisions in South and Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe from 1900s to the present. (Summer & Fall 2020)


    Nuclear Sites

    Nuclear weapons, energy, and mining sites with fraught political, social, and legal histories from 1945 to the present. (Summer 2020, Fall 2020, & Spring 2021)


    HUB CC 284

    Boston University-approved

    co-curricular research internships (Fall 2021)